Saturday, July 10, 2010


Well,exams are over, 'O' level CL oral is over, Adam Khoo workshop is also over.

Really had a blast for the past 3 days attending the AK workshop(:
Trainers are truly humorous and awesome people.Taught a lot of study skills, how to study smart and getting my motivation back.Told us a lot of their personal and true stories,just made almost everyone cried that day.

Definitely a life changing moment.Closing ceremony too,just touched my those people who stand up to speak up about themselves and family too.A very touching scene.

wished my parents would be there but no.Saying 'I Love You' to them is really funny,especially dad.Guess he's speechless.Hahas.

workshop truly helped a lot,really must get my head into my studies and start working extra hard to get to my goal.No more computer for me,TV just for the night and studies will take over.
Just hope i could get what I'm aiming for.

Feel like smth had changed inside,shedding the old me and a new me should be born.Nothing much had changed but I've learned a lot from this,somehow enlightened,somehow see things clearer with a new point of view and gonna put them into use,make my parents proud of me.

shall end here(:

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