Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pretty Much.

June's coming in 2days time.
Mid-sem tests in the 2nd week.

Short break after that.

Back to the rush pace of life again.

Deadlines to get through.

Heavy workload.

Could life get any better?

Anyway, I just realised without wearing my spectacle I looked just like my mum not dad already.Hmm...heh.

Went to order new contact lens too,with colour this time,hope would get it soon and try it on,so excited for that,hee(:

Guess not really much to update,everyday the same routine.I'm finding meaningless again.

On the bright side,watched Justin Bieber movie,it's really inspirational,just have to wait for that moment to come and luck.Waiting for Vampire Diaries S3 and Pretty Little Liars S2 this coming June,yay.

Gonna start working on my subjects soon,hoping to get good grades!

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