Saturday, June 11, 2011

That's just great,screwed up most of mid-semester tests.Partly due to the fact I studied last minute for them and not understanding the concepts well enough.It's really hard not to have no regrets for anything.Seriously.

2 weeks of break surely will pass by like lightning speed again.Projects to complete,time to spend with family and friends,CCA activities.

Suddenly felt that family is drifting apart,there's no meaning to working anymore,no interest in anything at all.How life has become so plain and meaningless.What we're doing now is always for the future,future,future.Sigh.

Everything just come and go,nothing is really permanent is there?We can't stay at one place forever not bothered about the changes that are going to come every now and then.

Sometimes it really gets frustrating thinking about all these,where there is no answers but even more questions.

Sidetrack, do you know I started blogging when I was just a little kid?It's the time when I was in primary 4 or 5,one day visiting my grandma,cousins all came and one of my really close cousin created this for me.Showed me how to use all the tools,changing the skin of the blog etc.It was really fun and looking through all the silly posts with errors in sentence structure,grammar, vocabulary and all the short forms I love to write.Though now I guess I'm still making the same mistakes too.

Then, times changed, we grow older,we got our own problems, we're just not that close anymore.Feeling for a fresh new start, I deleted all the posts I made till year 2009.This doesn't really solve how I was feeling though,something is just not right no matter how I try to change.There goes all the memories,but the blog still live.Haha.

Many attempts to try deleting the blog but something just holds me back from doing so.I felt so insecure.This blog also had grown with me through my teenage lives, it just seem so difficult to let go,you know?Maybe it would be for the better but maybe for the worse too?I don't know.

I know how much I love to say 'life sucks' during the years back,it seem so childish and silly to repeat that over and over again like a broken record but how many times had I felt this way before?Countless,and trust me it's something that everyone would feel when you reached the lowest part of your life.

Life goes on.

Funny how when you're dead people start listening...

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