Friday, June 24, 2011

Counting My Blessings

So,had a really awesome birthday celebration this year,with many people this time round.It has been seriously long since I had so many people celebrating with me.If I remember correctly,the last time it happened was like in preschool/kindergarten where whole of paternal side family celebrated with me,including the really cute chihuahua.Heh.

Met up with the usual people on Wednesday for a short dinner date at Pizza Hut,though 1 can't make it,really thankful for having this awesome friends with me.It was fun spending time with them.Hahas.Took the neoprints at arcade,turns out ugly and seriously sucks.Sorry to waste all of you girls money!!):

Happy Birthday to Jia Xin too!First time finding someone who had the same birthday date as me,heh(:

Next was today,went for lunch with HuiYi at town with the others since it had been long since we catch up with each other.Had a hard time finding/choosing the place to have lunch and after that really nothing much to do.Quite aimless walking around in town.I wonder how other people could spend a whole day at town doing nothing...

After that dinner at Nex with some classmates from sec 4,not much people attended so it was quite a small group.Played some games and came a really unexpected surprise.They bought a cake last minute and well let's just say I was kinda tricked into some 'lies'.Lol.I still had a amazing night with them though it was a short one,really very grateful to meet such good people,hehe.

Can never thanked them enough,really.

Still,just wanna thank all these people again-YingXin,Kelly,SinYi,HuiFang,SczeYin,Helina,Amerlynn,HuiYi,Jasmine,Darrel,YuXiang,YuXiang's Mum,Denise & JiaXin.A REALLY BIG THANK YOU!:D

I should really count my blessings instead of thinking all the awful stuffs that happened,sigh.

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