Friday, April 01, 2011


So,last Sunday met up with these girls for lunch and to give Hel & YX their B'day presents,hope they like it,hee.

Went to City Square Mall,ate at Manhattan Fish Market,food was okay,then went snapping pictures after that,place was damn quiet,so took a lot and really had an awesome time with them:D

Chatted,laughed,jumped,walked...hope there will still be a next time for all of us to meet again,really enjoyed their company!Thanks a lot!XOXO

Since it was my last day of work in the office yesterday,farewell/welcoming dinner was held at La Strada restaurant by the bosses,food was okay too,kinda regret choosing that place,but ambience's was nice.Had a good evening with them.Desserts at another restaurant,LOL.Kinda start to miss them already,weird huh?Anyway just really thankful that I've met good bosses for this period of time,sigh,good times:') (Photos credited to:Esther)

Today went to collect O's Cert and testimonial,kinda learnt a surprised news from...Really should wish them luck,hopefully our school will really breakthrough.Heh.

Never know searching for a notebook/laptop can be such a chore,so many choices to choose from,what to do??:(

On the bright side,this week is gonna be packed with outings again,yayness!^^ soooooo looking forward to spending time with the girls again,hehe.

It's funny how sometimes you wished for smth to happen but to regret it later and then started to have feelings,like happiness,contentment and the sense that everything is gonna work out fine and finally the feeling of nostalgia after everything ended.

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