Friday, March 25, 2011


Sorry to say this again,but time flies!Gosh,only 4days more of work,I'm doneeeeee!~
Hehe,it had been more interesting now cos I've got another company in the office,more fun and less boring.Hahas,thanks Esther!(:

So,this happened last Sunday,I've delay this till now,lazy to update but still feel like doing it,funny eh?:/

Had a fantastic lunch and shopping trip with the girls again.Courts to eat lunch,called the Box Bistro.Nice ambience's,food was okay,ate till real full.Camwhored a lot,so just gonna put some up.

After lunch went for piercing again,hees.Then off to Vivo shop.Diaso,Cotton On,Forever 21 were the places that i bought all my loots.Happy max!(: Can't wait to eat/use/wear them all.Really,when we earned more,we spent even more.Must have self-control.

Gran's house for dinner and home sweet home.

Gonna go do spec tmr,hopefully won't be too serious...ugh.Gonna borrow books too,life's too short to not read them:D

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