Saturday, March 19, 2011

Funny Night.

Well,work started to get hectic now,this is only the beginning...1 more week and 4 days left to go!Hang in there Peggy!:/

Okay,so met up with these girls for a dinner date yesterday,ate at Secret Recipe,which I must say the food are not bad,could try eating there again next time,hee(: It was a really hilarious night spent with time,never fail to laugh at stories,our actions and whatnots.Can't stop laughing for awhile and it had been a long time since I laughed so much,hahas.FUNny all the way till home.Even thinking of it now makes me smile.Lol.

Went to Nex with Mom,saw the newly opened library,it was like heaven.All the new books,and really quite a lot compared to Hg Mall and Compass Point.OMG,gonna go there borrow books next time,more frequently actually.Hope would have even more books till the next time.

Another Sunday to look forward to,shopping trip with the girls tmr!Wheeeeeeeeeee;) Hoping would get more loots(sale please) and have more fun again,hehe.

Shall end here,another update real soon! XX

(Photos Credited To: HuiYi & YingXin)

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