Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dose Of High.

Back from FOW!!Though sort of felt dread during the first 2 days,last day was the most awesome spent with all the people.Really lucky I made a right choice eventually.

It was really awkward at first and gotten separated with YX.Played those ice breakers games,lots of cheering and running and screaming,water activites were Great!!:D Really like the TP Mass Dance and the hand sign song,soooo funny and meaningful respectively.Hehe~

The GLs that took our group were damn high too,all GLs were actually and very welcoming.They really had done a wonderful job taking care of us and whatnots.Thanks so much GLs!x3

Went back again yesterday to see them performed,ended late but still it was nice to soak in the whole excitement again,did made a video but the sounds,images are of poor quality, but its better than nothing right?heh.

Bought a notebook,finally too.Gosh,really fanstatic!Think I'm all set for school now,only need to sort out those mix feelings which just doesn't seem to go away.


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