Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!^^

Spent eve tgt with HSKY(:went to 313 and orchard central.
walked till everyone was tired,awesome roof garden too.had a fun time with them.
today spent it with family.went to Hg Mall,treat Mum&Dad to Ajisen.
damn bloated,tho over budget but still had a good time eating,heh.
then went to gran's hse to see th wedding photos and video.
seriously i looked ugly ttm.oh well~reached home at 10 plus.
left 1 mre week before sch reopens.need find motivation to study asap.

Lead Casts of VampireDiaries,awesome ttm! who look hottter?Stefan(right) or Damon(left)?Heh.Elena is damn pretty,lovee those eyes!(:Can't wait for th next episode<3

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