Monday, December 21, 2009

Hi!Back from M'sia,went to kukup.
stayed at a so-called resort which is built on poles(?).
high tide we'll be like above th sea and low tide we're actually on a muddy/sandy land.
had a good time there,ppl life are so worries all tht,kinda envy uh.
sat on boat and saw many unusual things tht we don't see in SG.
we can even put out fireworks,damn beautiful.
ate a lot of seafood,good stuffs(:
th ppl are sort of friendly too,serve us with a lot of food,heh.
bought many things too,happy happy!
even saw a wild ox in th wild,uber cool.
saw diff types of fishes too.
last min shopping too before coming back.
overall its a good trip,enjoying th peacefulness and breeze tht never seems to die out.

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