Sunday, December 06, 2009


okay,here to update again,but with photos,heh.
fri there was a class outing,but not exactly a class cos some ppl were not present.
met up with SKY through bus and off to t3.
went to Popeye to eat lunch(above photo),Mdm Lim treat,Thank You!((:
was quite okay,but can't eat finished,too bloated:X
felt kinda guilty...
anyway then B and i walked around t3 and back to Popeye again.
took photos with th rest of th class with Mdm Lim.
walk around again but with more ppl to th departure hall.
saw some aeroplanes and a couple taking wedding photos i think.
both look cute tgt,hahas.
reached home around 7 plus.
had a great time with th ppl!(:
a humongous red ball at th hall tht opens up.find it interesting.
ytd went to work with B,tiring but kinda fun.
earn a lil bit of money,hope could get better at it(:
and finally got to change my phone to a better one.
th one i wanted,love my Daddy to th max!<333
spend quite late in th phone shop,heh.
th guy serving us was also damn friendly(:
gonna be busy th next few days with outing,cca and work.
still delaying my hwk,sigh.
have to try do it ASAP!!
shall end here!

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