Wednesday, June 10, 2009

went to aunt's hse today.
lovee th interesting chair tht can be sit in many different ways.
th mural too,kinda artisitc?
dad just can't do it fer me):
oh well~
went T1 around th evening.
walk/shop and went home.
pretty boring posts nowadays,hahas.
anyway also,like finally completed playing WD.
1st time completed a game with 50 lvls.
great achievement for me,hahas(:

bought present with mum fer dad b'day cum father's day.
hope he like it,gonna surprise him on his day.
kinda guilty didn't gave mum her present,sigh.
prefer to handmade food or hands-on thing for her,
but unfortunately no idea how & dunno what she really likes.
didn't show me or whatever,but i know she love 'money' plants.
so will bear 'wealth'.Guess so.heh.
nth much to do online either.
went bloghopping,facebook and watch wgm.
kinda mundane uhh.
Hwk just doesn't seem to finish.
completed another math today,still left blanks though.
heh,long post for today yea,shall end now/.

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