Wednesday, June 24, 2009

went out with ppl ytd.
kinda fun.
finally watch a movie in this whole mundane freaking mth.
pathetic aye.
guess this year's birthday would be kinda simple?
no celebration all tht,doing 'normal' stuffs at home.
don't mean to depressed or anything.
thought i would be mentally prepared.
but no idea whay a rush of feelings just washed over me.
hahas,luckily i'm still able to laugh at myself.
as they say,mre hopes bring mre disappointments.
think gonna start a bit on th project.
hols not extending,shld be happy uhh.
oh wells~life goes on anyway.
with or without,time ain't stopping for anybody.

oh yeah,a BIG Thank You to th ppl for th wishes and presents once again(:
much appreciated,enjoy your day today too ya.
time is moving forward.
gotta stay strong no matter what.
its still not too late i guess,
i'll keep goin forward too.
starting from today.

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