Wednesday, July 08, 2009

been busy with school days,so much things tht have to be done.
blogger is working again.
luckily cca is not resuming yet.
hope no assembly too tmr.
only can look forward to weekends now.
still missing th hols.sigh.
today get caught up in a funny situation,hahas.
damn hilarious:b
also watch Another Cinderella Story.
nicee music and storyline.
Drew Seeley is cute,though he is kinda old now,hahas.
lovee th dance they do,look so cool.
make me wanna dance too,heh.
having bio test tmr,hope can pass.
was kinda shocked by cher reactions..
in th end it was kinda a lie?lols.
temp rise up sia:/
2 mre days to weekends,weets(:

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