Wednesday, November 04, 2009

having lessons fer th past...1 day.
kinda mundane though.
still,could pass some time away.
clueless about chemisty.
wonder how am i gonna score well for it.
maths is quite okay,think cher wanna go on bullet train-.-
kinda good i guess,least next yr won't hav not enough time.
bio was kinda funny today.
cher is like so agitated but still could cracked jokes.
playing moshi monster nowadays.
so adorable pet i got:>
once again think i'm gonna hav another uneventful hols.
pretty much th same thing over th yrs.
bored to th max!):
hope another 1 or 2 yrs,smth big and cool happenings can happen in life.
perk some highness out:X
sigh,tmr another 2 lessons.
shall end here!

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