Thursday, November 19, 2009

okay,seriously i've no idea wht to update about.
but feels like
went to sch ytd,kinda wasted trip cos cher wasn't gonna teach.
played around,lols.
went to mall again to borrow books.
why is it tht th good books are always gone?
sigh,kinda wasted too i guess.
reread new moon again.
awfully nicee!think gonna start obsessing with it again.
hee,can't wait fer new moon to show!(:
oh ya JB's album is out on th 17th,there's a golden ticket to be won.
private concert of th owner plus breakfast being made by him personally!
like wth can,so lucky whoever tht got it.
have not been doing my hwk fer th past days.

simply no mood to do & boring!
i've lost th motivation to do alr,so disappointing.
oh ya,also found out th meaning of R.S.V.P in th wedding invitation.
it means please reply(:
ok,its kinda lame talking about all this.
sidetrack, i think i'm a very selfish person.
cos i do not know how to feel happy for other ppl.
its like i only care about myself,devastating.
hate those mix feelings every time it comes.
argh!disgusted by myself.
oh well,one step at a time then,can't force myself to be feeling okay th next sec.
just wish this feelings would kinda pass quickly...

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