Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Busy or Not

Just like that, 5 weeks of holidays had passed.

HF baked a really yummy and colourful cake for our dear May baby advance birthday celebration. Glad to have their company for the night(:

Another short meetup with the girls for lunch. Pizza Hut was a letdown that day as we went there for lunch, though there wasn't a crowd, the food took way too long to come:/

Went back to our nostalgic place to rest awhile and these sweet girls offered to accompany me till the evening. Thanks so so much.

Received some Taiwan treats from SY(:

Dinner with colleague at Lenas. Decided on the wrong meal for me, the baked rice was too creamy after eating it for a while.

Coincidentally we wore floral prints XD

Caught Tomorrowland and Pitch Perfect 2 with YX and kinda disappointed with the story plot of Tomorrowland. One thing that struck me the most was the analogy of the black and white wolf, probably is the main takeaway from the movie. Something along the line that if both wolves fight, the wolf that wins is determined by which wolf you feed; like having the energy to fight. So those positive and negative thoughts/feelings you have is a representation of that analogy. Food for thought maybe?

Pitch Perfect 2 was a bit better with all the songs they performed hahahs. More of a light hearted movie(:

Dinner at Olio Cafe on a Friday, I think this is their new dish? Love the whole combination of salmon, vegetables and the sauce.

Went for a epi-lasik screening since it was only $5 hahaha and we were surprised after the results. Regardless, earning that sum of money to do the surgery is still problematic since financial position is not quite sound for the future. Have to consider and plan well when someday I decided to go for it. Having a clearer vision is so much more convenient though.

You know that feeling as though you thought you had many tasks to accomplish within a time frame yet you can't go ahead and do it because of external factors and if you wanna go ahead and do other stuff you're unsure to do it or not which left this uncomfortable tugging/nagging feeling at the back of your mind? Okay this was not how I want to express my thoughts but seriously this nagging feeling is so unbearable so long nothing gets done. This is called worry right? *Face palm*. -.-

Even I'm on a school break, procrastination is not going away any time soon. Need to be in control of my life seriously.

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