Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well,results day yesterday.It was really nerve wrecking.Some are happy with theirs while others are not.Majority did well i guess.

As for me,it was not really bad nor good.Don't feel really happy or upset.Basically I'm not sure what should i feel when i see the results.This is bad right?This means i do not have a definite goal i want to reach or something.

When i see people getting really good/excellent results like 10points and below,I felt i didn't give my best at all,felt relieved at first but suddenly it seems like I'm the worse.Unexpected grades too,good and bad.Sigh.But its reality,i can't change anything now.

Word of advice: People taking O levels in time to come,really must study hard and smart cos its really different from what you get in school.Please don't do last minute unless you're a genius(really there are),who don't study much but still get awesome results compared to those who mugged like shit but nowhere near like 10points and below.So,good luck and all the best.Don't do something you'll regret too that will destroy your future.

Now,left with tough decisions to make by Friday.What courses to choose and where to go.Hate making decisions,I'm afraid the ones I make will lead to regret and bleak future.Ugh.Hoping miracle could happen so i could get into a decent course which will lead me to university and a bright future even if my decisions are wrong and whatnots.Praying hard something good will happen and keeping everything crossed.I want a good and happy life ahead.

Shall end here.
Follow your heart?
Follow your guts?
or just use logic?

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