Friday, October 16, 2009

Yay!Exams are so over!(:
4 days of hols ahead!woots!
still,didn't do very well for all th subs.
left craps on my answers,sigh.
think if i'm able to pass all,will be grateful alr.
disappointed uhh,some study fer so hard yet didn't come out.
brain just went mental block on me.
sheesh.shldn't dwell on it.
its a fact anyway.
just hope really could pass)':
was reading books about Vampires again.
so uber nice!so so nice.
hav to make a trip to library again soon,asap.
heh.nothing much to update though...
time just passed fast.
going to sci centre too,weets!(:

hav to face th music sooner or later.
argh....shall end here~

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