Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Scze Yin!
Lee Min Ho came to SG today.
& i can't freaking see him.
sigh,mayb next time.
went to do CIP, performed for th elders.
kinda awkward & embarrassed.
during th charity dinner at rivervale cresent there.
kinda bored and kinda enjoyed it.
no idea why.
seeing so many elders,really felt heartbroken for them.
think most of them are being so-called abandoned by their children.
seriously,its them who brought them up and this is how they repaid them.
gotten free dinner too,hahas.
really bloated right now.
1 mre week of school its hols!
woohoo!really hope next yr would not come.
just too bad...time don't stop at all.
oh well,shall end here~

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