Sunday, March 29, 2009

shit, shit, shit.
totally forgotten A maths test tmr.
till kelly's msg reminded me.
mon-wed :Tests!!!X/
freaking irritated by maths.
am dumbstruck by maths alr.
feeling sort of crazy recently,many things went through my mind.
is like really crazy crazy.not th happy type of crazy.
especially those negative stuffs.
like gonna hav a mental+nervous breakdown.
oh God,someone help?!
too stress, too stress.
brain overloaded with everything.
breathing in many oxygen...breathe out*.
okay,gotta stay calm.

have to buck up.
all for future's sake.
Peggy will work harder.Gambette.
just gonna forget everything now~
just watched finished Clannad,very nice ending((:
th idol drama also,ToGetHer,nicee too.
looking forward to th next episode.
think nth much to write anymore.
just venting out th freaking stress.
still not used to it AT ALL.
3rd mth of th yr alr!
oh shitty shit.

P.S Sorry for th shitting stuffs:/too stress!

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