Saturday, August 15, 2009

Had fun today.
CIP at rivervale,had fun collecting newspapers.
th ppl were generous(:
funny incidents happened.damn funny.
took a lot of photos.
shall update tmr.
still grasping th skill of tying th newspapers.
after tht went out with B.
amk hub to hav our lunch->Sci Centre Shop->ION Orchard._>Home:D
th astronaut ice-crem was really cool,dried-freeze made for space(:
Dino was big and cool.
chatted,gossiped a lil,laughs,camwhored.
shall post some photos too.
really like th washroom there,damn exquisite.
went to see art gallery too,Sephora,MiuMiu,Th Wrights..
lovee th perfume we tested,smell so fruity,hee.
obsessed over long legs,laughs.
really had fun.9 plus reached home,first time,cool.
should enjoy some nightlife once,must be nicee.
just saw th freaking ad friends talked about.
seriously c903 damn pretty!I want!)':
red is like so glam,nicenice.
shall end here,upload photos tmr,tired aye.
Good Night all!

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