Monday, August 17, 2009

Photos are up,seriously smth wrong with blogger.
th codes are like so messed up.
should i changed to OnSugar?
seen many ppl changed to onsugar becos of this problem.
hahas,oh well.
gotten back bio ct,was ok i guess,science teachers are really weird.
probably getting back th other subs tmr.
hope can pass.
*praying hard*
cca tmr,what a boree,so tired.
surprisingly today slept for th rest of th afternoon till 6 plus.
miracle sia,must be really tired.
was gonna dozed off at th last few periods in sch.
sigh,hols coming soon,then its EOY exams.
hav to buck up hard.
aiming for scholarship,hav to.
hope could maintain.
shall end here.

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