Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Someday also gonna try taking hot-air balloon if can,hahas:X
Time flies,September alr.
think few mre weeks will be EOY exams.
will find motivation,time to study and ace th subs.
hah,easier said than done anyway:/
cca agin tmr,luckily ytd hol,only one day fer this week.
ankle still hurt much,especially th continous walking up and down of stairs.
what to do???no time,no money to see another doc.
& hav fear of th ankle pain now...sheesh.
useless right?boos!
was doing geog hwk,hope somehow will work tmr?
kinda lousy piece of work.heh.
CD period done smth interesting,kinda fun i guess.
gonna go back sch during th hols,for studies,for cca.
oh wells~life's like this.accept-->move on.
same rountine everytime.
shall end here...

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