Friday, September 25, 2009

Been long since i updated.
tmr English Oral exam!
what to do???
my Eng is like shit,crap.
Teacher will be Mrs V.
OMG,definitely gone case.
still,have to try my best not to stuttered,make some eye contact & speak in complete sentences without singlish and express it correctly.
okay...tha's gonna be hard.
wish me luck for tmr)':

oh ya,went to NUS during wed.
learning journey about Bio.
kinda cool,but not what i expected.

Preserved animals i think,looks sort of fake yea?
they're cute anyway.
saw many other animals too.
lazy to elaborate.hehs.
shall end here!
why did 000 gave me th hot and cold?
serioulsy don't understand at all.
one sec is was all okay,th next sec i'm like a virus or smth.
hate it when 000 just act as it was all normal.
could spare me all this craps.
though confrontations are never easy or good,
its th least 000 could tried.
i'm like a idiot around 000.
why don't 000 just make it clear?
life sucks.

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