Sunday, September 13, 2009

School reopens tmr,sighhhhhhhhhhhhh.
went for haircut today,seriously not what i expected.
ignorance is bliss.
it's very short right now.
think i look like a Retard )':
with th pining up th fringe.
hope no one will laugh?:X
hair please grow faster!!!
argh,anyway just temporary so...shouldn't think too much?
wanna laugh just laugh away.
hav to stop thinking of how ppl look at me.
just be myself for once...if i know who i'm  really is lahs.
gahh,so complicated.

forget it.
currently really addicted to all those vampires stories.
lovee th suspense and th mysteries in it.
me want mre!!!
managed to squeeze in a lil bit of time to revise bit of maths and bio.
tmr is th start of term 4...
means 3 mre weeks till EOY exams.
Goshhh,really have to start revising and ask questions.
should go for early hiatus yea.
shall end here!

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