Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Choir in th afternoon,kinda slack,luckily didn't get punishment cos was late by 10mins:X
went to ace-learning to check on th maths thingy,bombarded with not just 1 but 4(i think) assignments.
like wth,is one week hols,not 1 mth sia.
definitely can't complete it before sch reopens.
cos no mood,may skip lot of qns,lazy)x
oh well~take on step at a time,see how first,heh.
oh yeah,borrowed this freaking cool book not long ago called Marked.
1st page,alr got hook into th story.damn addictive.
read finished and i want to borrow th next one!!!
only,think many ppl shld had borrowed it alr.
sigh,must hav luck,right time and right place.
lovee th storyline,also about Vampires(Vampyres),shld make it into a movie like Twilight:))
hope can borrowed it.
got th whole series out there.sigh!
shall end here.


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