Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another day out,with mum to J8.
sadly,there's no Betrayed book)':
gonna try my luck again this sat.
walk around,bought nth much.
kinda wasting time away.
yet to complete th Amaths Matrices.
seriously don't understand a single thing(shit) about this.
cracked my brain,look up ace-leaning lessons thingy,finally understand smth.
tried out th other schs paper cher sent.
God,forgotten like almost everything learnt during th 1st semester.
shitto.gotta buck up,hav to control th temptation to on com to go net tmr and fri if can. messed up.Term 4 starting soon.
today's is 090909.special date indeed.
cca tmr.all th high notes hav to hit/sing:/
hope can complete majority of th qns of th maths papers.
sigh.Jiayous Peggy!You Can Do It!!!(:

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