Friday, September 18, 2009

weekends is here again.
means left 2 mre weeks till exams.
gotta start revision soon.
nth much happened,just th same old routine.
oral exam on next sat..don't think i will pass well.
after reading tons of books all this years,english doesn't seem to be improving at all.
sheesh.all are like craps.
hope cca stand down soon.
so many things to do so little time.
& with this state of mine,just want to surf th net made me no mood to revise at all.
wht to do?
time really flies,just 1 mre yr,1 super major exam will decide my future.
everything just come down to this major exam.
without education also can't go anywhere.
argh...hope everything jsut pass soon.
free from studies and...
feel like everything is going wrong...
way too much to handle.

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