Saturday, September 29, 2012

Carefree Times

Wow, it is almost end of September, only 3 more weeks of holidays left...between my work, play and me-time seems to be quite balance though already having some mix feelings about the work I'm doing. Sigh. Luckily its gonna end soon.

Note to self: Please find an easier job to do next vacation, less hassle the better.

Anyway so meet up with YX to do our Bestie book which we had been thinking for a long time now, finally decided to print the best photos and make them into a keepsake for future, something we can always look back on anytime and reminisce. Hehes.
Super love YX's book cover!
Here's mine, not yet finished.
But time was not on our side so only done halfway through, it was fun though thinking to all those good times spent together, visiting my house^^

Friday with the usual, truly sorry for spoiling the plans supposedly to cycle but clumsy and forgetful me left my IC at workplace and time sheet not signed had to go Vivo again. At least IC managed to retrieved back if not mum gonna make a fuss about it,phew.

Had our lunch at Secret recipe, all of us ordered grilled chicken but with different sauces namely black pepper, mushroom and BBQ. Quite tasty, pretty much normal kind of food. Hahas.

Took a stroll along the broadwalk, love the scenery with the sky and glittery sea!

This SY, gotta take care of herself, please get better soon alright!(:

Find this candid really natural, you don't see this everyday,lol.
Photo-bombing with my hands,oops:x

Times like this always feel I'm not alone, there are still people who gets me and accept me. For that I'm really thankful.

Side note to self,

You know, in life there's gonna be so many people you will interact and meet but only some will stay by your side throughout regardless what happens and really you gotta treasure them. Doesn't matter you got more or less. Sometimes I thought maybe when these people are gone, its okay, I can be independent, just survive on my own till the end but if one day I did push them all away, will they grow tired of trying and really just step out of my life? What I'll left will only be isolation. Is that really better than companionship?

Sure, there's less things to think about but I think it will drive me nuts. So maybe it is okay to receive help, want some company occasionally just don't go overboard of taking them for granted and rely heavily on them. They are humans too, we feel, we get hurt, we get frustrated. Just have to keep in mind ultimately it's you yourself that has to walk the path alone till your time is up. Here, right now.


Ying Xin said...

i seriously agree with your side note to self!
yup yup, *nods nods* dont push people away anymore ok^^ im sure you will feel a little not use to it on relying on others, but fear not! YX comes to the rescue! (just kidding) hahas, practice makes prefect.
I feel now, not only you, sometimes me too. Doesnt want to burden others. But sometimes its ok^^ give and take.
I will want to have someone to rely on and that rely on me as well.

Will you let me rely on??^^ hehees

Love your new blog skin.
YX. <3

Peggy said...

Hahas!Awww, yup feels weird to always rely on people, ask for help but you're right I think sometimes it is ok to rely for a little while. Hees.

Definitely!If you need me just call/text/meet<3

Hehes, thanks for coming by~