Monday, September 17, 2012

Get to Know Me~

Hello! Last week was kinda mundane but it was a start for my job. Went for training with 3 other girls, they are simply pretty and it was nice meeting them!^^
Learnt quite a lot about skincare products and cosmetics essentials so definitely worth it to get this job and learn something new, hehes. But think being a temporarily worker would do, very lazy put on thick makeup to work,heh>.<

Weekends spent at ION, and just realised so many interesting things could happen near the mrt entrance,heh as I was giving out flyers there.
Here's what happened to me and my observations:
  • People asking me for directions which I failed miserably but I did direct them to the concierge(:
  • At  5.30pm, there will be another entrance open for people to enter the mrt station.
  • Families with a bigger size pram will get to go through the gate at the side.
  • Most time people stuck at the scanning, could not exit which caused human jams for a short while.
  • People from different countries/tourists,duh.Lol.
Saw a lot of girls all generally have pretty cool fashion sense and carrying tons of shopping bags, envy much. Maybe someday when I become taitai I could splurge on everything I like.Lol, most unlikely to happen but one can dream no?(:

Since I really have nothing to update for the past week, shall do a 10 facts about me. If interested then read on,hahas.

  1. I love pastel colours, especially teal/turquoise currently.
  2. An extreme introvert if you haven't notice, unless I'm really comfortable around someone...well that's another story.
  3. Majority of my friends are girls.
  4. I'll get nervous talking to/meeting  new people. Expect lots of silence and mumblings and stuttering.
  5. I could take on hard work.
  6. I love acoustic music, current fave is The Incarus Account!Go listen!
  7. I do not like to burden people with my problems/borrow $ from people. Unless its super major or something.
  8. Procrastinator in terms of delaying my chores to do. Hehes.
  9. I love collecting nail polishes of different colours and types(shimmers, neon, glitters,matte)!
  10. I stalk blogs from popular to interesting kinds. Heh.
Extra: Ultimate fave idol has to be Kim Hyun Joong!!!:D

Okay, just a short post for now but I'm gonna do a DIY post real soon, almost finishing with my work(:

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