Saturday, September 01, 2012

Finally a Break!

Hello!So yes, I'm a bit lag but exams are finally overrrrrrr!:D

Really spend the whole study week studying like mad, took short breaks here and there and well I think I gave my best just that my time management is seriously poor, have to speed up. Hopefully praying grades would maintained!:/

So after exams went for a class lunch at Lenas(Ministry of Food),Tampines 1. Must say our class seem rather participative,heh. Food was meh, not liking it much, won't ever try the diced chicken pasta in tomato sauce again.

As usual being the extremely shy girl, I was feeling really awkward. Seriously I'm clueless about socialising. Still not my social scene.Ugh.

Anyway it still turns out alright I guess, made some small talk and thank God for Melissa being there,hees.Thanks for accompanying me K!^^

 However I've go no idea how to survive at class chalet next week. Worst case scenario would be hiding myself in one corner hoping to turn invisble. lol, okay can someone kind enough to pass me the invisble cloak before I go??(:

It was busy days after that, first time going for 3 rounds of interview to land a temporary job in the beauty line. Not sure how its gonna work out, but I'm praying for the best!Wish me luck!

It will be interesting to see a part of the beauty industry, learn some tricks and tips and maybe find some passion if there is. Excited and nervous at the same time,hehes!

Thereafter a meet up with my fave girl to catch ParaNorman!Wooo rating 4.5/5 Stars! Please go watch if you're too an animation lover like us!Pretty interesting plot and coolio effects!^^

Hahas, I think epic fail here, I should pose side way with my hand,lol. This point of view also shown me what's it like to have extreme short/no hair.

End our day with books borrowed from library! Finally could catch up with my lovely fiction world again!Best thing to do on holidays!~

Probably would try out some DIY bracelets making too seeing all the videos on Youtube, shall let y'all see once I'm done with them^^

Off for a little shopping trip now~
Have a great week!!:D

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