Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Little Things-Celebrating National Day, Katy Perry Movie Preview!

A family day on Sunday at Hougang Stadium, had a lot of fun playing games and winning those stationery for my cousins and sooooo many dogs cos there's was a dog event in the afternoon, all were extremely adorable and saw one huge dog, some like toy poodles and chihuahuas too^^

Went to watch the night performance actually, lots of songs somehow like getai, good experience!

A lucky day for me on Tuesday, a pair of preview tickets to watch Katy Perry's Part of Me movie!Went with YX(who else, hahas) and saw XiaXue's pink hair, they were all sitting in front. Heh, hopefully get to see them again next time, quite a big fan of them,hehes.

Anyway, movie was like a documentary of what's going on during the whole 1 year tour behind scenes footage, there's a lot of emotional moments and some humour. It's pretty awesome, inspiring and touching so you gotta catch it too in cinemas Aug 23!(:

Thank you editor of xinmsn for choosing me!^^

Okay, here's a random part: bought a pair of flatforms to wear! Please last long. Heh heh.
So last week of school ended, gonna miss the class wee bit cos all are very nice people and somehow could click with them? I don't know, but I feel less awkward.Lol.

Study week had started, gonna give my best for the 2 subjects and all's over at 29 Aug 1130. I hope I can stick to my plan.

After that, so much to look forward to!^^

Have a good week!


Anonymous said...

hi Peggy :)
I just found your blogg;
anyway, you're pretty :)
&& omg Katy Perry concert!? jealous!!


Peggy said...

Hello Tabitha!Nice to meet you!^^
Hahas, thanks you're beautiful too!
Nah, its the movie I watched about her 1 year concert tour, you should watch too!(: