Monday, August 06, 2012

The Little Things- August's Beginning

Hello! Finally a proper post is up, this week had been good, almost done with all presentations and projects finally vacation is coming soon^^

So anyway, supposing to present my CDS on Tue but because of time constraint have to move to this Tue, hoping for the best!Last to go~ Had another CDS presentation on Thu,Sociology is a really interesting subject,kinda like the class I'm in,hees(:
Photo Credit: Natalie

With my group mates, a very last minute photo to be put on the slides as well.
Luckily we all did a good job!(:

Then on Friday, HRM presentation was kinda screwed up, wished we did more and present better:(
But it was fun for the role play part and took class photo!^^

Photo Credit: Shermaine & Jessica

On Saturday, went to school to take CDS test, really last minute studying for that and can't say I put my best cos forgotten quite important details:/

After that was a gathering with my usual, they were suppose to surprise SY at the bus stop but due to lateness, yet again they surprise her at MRT, nevertheless still a success!^^ Great job girls!

YX and me met up with them at Funan Mall, saw the Cawaii Koohii Cafe!OMG, it's really cool to see the girls dress up as maids, shall go try the food next time!

Had a late lunch at Mind Cafe, played many interesting games, giving our minds some exercise,hehes!It was really nice to see them again even though not all are present, like went back to those times where we are feeling so carefree cos it's the holidays,good times!:D

We just seem to take a lot of photos in MRT, heh.

Our presents to dearest SY,hehes hope she likey!^^

Oh and some time ago saw something coming down from the sky, dad said it's a plane but I'm thinking something else, hmm. Kinda cool to always catch something happening in the sky(:

On Sunday, long awaited bursary presentation was finally happening, waited quite long but it was nice to finally received it and hopefully use it to pay for school fees!^^

Saw many primary and secondary school mates, some changed, some still look the same. Heh.
That's all for now, this week should be exciting cos it's National Day!Fun in the weekend!3 days no school too though there's project meeting later.

Have a good week ahead! ;)

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