Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tiny Little Update

Helloooooo! July is coming to an end soon and next week should be THE most busy week. With possible 3 presentations to do, 2 online quizzes and 1 written test. Hopefully all goes well and be over real soon!(:

Too much work and catching up to do at home. Shall update this space again when there's some happenings, heh. I wonder who reads my posts, kinda interesting to know. Maybe you could leave a comment below to lemme know?^^ That rhymes!Hahahas.

Really can't wait for vacation to come, gonna find job this time, no more fickle minded thinking and try my best to do it well and earn some money~

Sem 2.2 next, another new chapter to unveil.

Next post should be fun cos meeting clique for the weekend!Weeeeee(:

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