Friday, February 20, 2009

last post before i'm off for serious mugging.
many tests this week.
geog and e maths sure flunk.
a maths gotten back,kinda good?:X
1+ mths had gone & i'm still not adapting to this class.
seem so weird,even th noise seem so distant now.
still missing eFivee...but bunch of broken strings now anyway.
hope everything goes well anyway.
hope syf come soon,so finally there'll be a break.
& th audition too,either get in or out of th choir.
hope they could choose it asap luhs.
all this suspense,don't even know could get in or not.
like wasting efforts for nth.
still,life goes on,& life is seriously unfair.
argh,just make it or lose it.either way and it's solved.
oh well~hope could do well in th CTS then.
Wish me luck,God Bless.
take my hand,
& runaway to th place i know.
so sick of this.
when will really be th time
come when i can finally find it?

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