Saturday, February 07, 2009

really stuck,
not sure what to write.
choir was ok.
goin to gran's later.
so bored.
hw not sure what to do.
voice kinda lost again.
after th singin'.
think i'm holding to nothing nowadays.
aimless goal ahead.
no idea what to do next.
like a robot being programmed to study then to start career.
then married and blah blah blah.
no excitement.
no feelings of happiness.
rather be in my lala-landd.
emotion breakdown.
mental breakdown.
everything seems so near,
yet so far from being touch.
shall end here.
i shldn't use force.
who th hell am i?
best to just keep slient.
note to self :just keep your mouth shut.
& stop blabbering everytime.
disrupting everything.

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