Friday, February 06, 2009

hectic week.
think everyday week will be like this.
hw,test,hw,test and then,
hw & tests again!
shit it puhlease.
almost lost my voice ytd.
kinda cool?lols.
cos didn't lost my voice before.
everyday th same old routine.
so missed eFIVE.
hope tmr could sing a little at choir.
God Bless.
short post for today.

i really dunno what to think.
but its all my fault i guess.
i really don't deserve what you guys all did for me.
cos i never like really appreciate it.
jus a useless dumbass if you wanna know.
or jackass.anything tht ends with ass.
or bitch.whatever.
sometimes feel hurt,sometimes don't.
a cycle of emotions.
everything just turn against me.
took me for a fool i guess.
cos i'm really a fool.
a great big fool,cos i just figure it out.
what a idiot i'm.
craps and mre craps.
not even a h2ht with anyone sincerely before.
it jus shows tht i don't really have anyone i know.
to lean on when problems,troubles rises.
stupid yea?
loss for words alright.
everyone happy now?

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