Tuesday, January 06, 2009

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quick update.
school days had be so-so for me uh.
today was kinda bad?
cos class ends around 2.30?
practically had 7 subs lessons today.
can you imagine how many damn thick books i've had to carry?
choir,chers test everyone of us.
nervous much.
luckily pass.
cheerup beloved(:
i'm sure you can do better th next time(:
reached home around 7 plus.
chiong homework duhs.
so tired please.
oh & luckily have some good chers in class.
else i'll dread goin to sch everyday facing those boring chers.
still deciding on th camp thing.
should i go?
think i'll update again when i've time.
kinda have few things tht i had not done.
anyway, continue clicking th Nuffnang icon for me if can yea!
i will really thank you alot!lols;DD

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