Friday, January 09, 2009

a crazy week.
few mre days till i left fer camp.
so not looking forward.
Twilight Saga finally gonna read finish.
Breaking Dawn rocks my socks(:
cca carnival today.
busy tired and really embarrassed.
don't really like th sec 1s.
mostly attitude probs-.-
Thanks Mr Png for treating us drink!
hahas,kinda bhb tht time?:X
gonna hav test next week and th following week.
argh,hoping to run away frm reality.
rather be stuck in my dreams.
Vampires are so cool.
live forever,being young forever,supernatural talents.
what mre could you ask for?
hmms,true love or whatsoever mayb.hahas.
ok,i'm talking bullshits.
but jus to make this post longer.
i know i'm lame,hees.
who cares uh?

i wish i wasn't a human.
not now,mayb not forever either.
what's th use?

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