Friday, January 02, 2009

this is what i'm feeling right now.
i know its kinda lame or smth.
but i seriously don't give a damn uh.
feeling so stupid now.
kinda a bad day for me.
didn't see tht coming.
jus so frustrated.
how stupid can i be?
jus a jackass.
don't feel like goin sch anymore.
class sucks,
environment sucks,
everything sucks.
no offence to humans & th non-living.
ok,being humans sucks too,duh-.-
oh crapppppps!
so sick of life.
so sick of everything.
can i just travel to space or smth and never come back to Earth?
stupid,stupid,stupid peggy.
stress is what i'm gonna get this year.
& mayb loneliness.
it love to follow me around wherever i go.
ugh,jus go away please.shoo.
was hoping this year would be better.
looks like i'm wrong aren't i?
everything i done look,feel stupid.
jus so bloody hell sucks.

Just crush them into pieces,
turn them to dust for me please?

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