Tuesday, January 27, 2009

smth i want to share,if you happened to pass by or read.
found it quite true and meaningful(:

a excerpt frm a book i've read long ago;

"Sometimes we worry about th wrong things and we miss opportunities that are right in front of us.We don't appreciate th moment because we're hung up in th past.That's always a big mistake."

That is like always what happen when i'm caught up worrying th wrong things,
in th end carrying th regret with me as life move on.
which is meaningless actually.
Holding smth that doesn't belong with th time or with me anymore.
life can be so absurd,or shld i say humans?

anyway,that also kinda motivate me not to be depressed everytime-.-
learn to let go things that can't be held on,
& learn to cherish things when they're still there before its gone.
like memories,it will fade over time and humans,we will become old someday.

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