Sunday, March 04, 2012


Hello!It's March already,had done my exams and now its vacation time!Am still contemplating whether if I should get a temporary job or not:/

Anyway, straight after exams went to eat Pepper Lunch with YX, it tastes insanely yummy and had a great time catching up with her^^

The next day, i finally decided to highlight my hair at first,cos it seems much safer to me, don't know why but in the end went to dye my virgin hair cos it as tad too expensive.Chosen a plum colour but turns out to be quite reddish,lol.Figure must be my hair too black. Had a hair treatment too, makes the overall result pretty nice, my hair suddenly felt so soft and so smooth and smell freaking nice(:

Here's the result after I return home, not very obvious but under sunlight would be,hees.Kinda wanted a change and sort of start of something new and fresh,you know like after Year 1 ended for me.

Am lovin' the new colour!xx
Went out with friends to Plaza Singapura for Manhattan Fish Market, cos JX got coupons for it(:

Caught The Lorax movie after that,it was pretty good,love all the cute characters and interesting story plot!Rate it 4/5 stars(: Recommend to those who like animations movies!

After that, went to Scape's flea market, bought quite a few stuffs,some are cheap and successful bargain for clothes!Very crowded though:/ Wished it would be less crowded and warm and the flea market could take place sometimes on weekdays. Heh.

Definitely a fruitful trip, enjoyed my company and hopefully would get a chance to do shopping again soon(: Though my money left to spent is highly gonna finished soon.

Update Tmr!^^

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