Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Little Things-Valentine

Start of my study break,gonna prepare for exams. This week also marks the end of my year 1 with my class,gonna miss my friends:(

Anyway,Valentine's day came as a wonderful day cos receive love from friends and even our teacher, generous enough to buy each of us a rose, packets of lollipops and other snacks. I mean really,which teacher would still do that?:')

Played with my chicken rice(dinner),lol.Does it look like a heart?Hees.
On my way home, always pass this long river(?).Always beautiful to look at but sadly there wasn't a lot of clouds but sunshine and heat.Heh.

Gotten my phone cover a week back I think,pretty yes?^^

After exams would finally be vacation again,really looking forward to it!But for now, gonna work smart for exams and hopefully get a awesome GPA. Wish me luck!

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