Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Little Things-Wonderful Surprises

Finally this busy week is over soon, school is all the same, just that we're all gonna be separated next semester,kinda used to the people I have been with:/

Anyway what's exciting is on Friday, dad sort of won a little bit of money from ToTo, lol and called him to treat us yesterday for dinner(: Love the fish head and salted yolk prawns, thou it seems to be burnt and not very golden brownish looking.Heh.

Rewind a bit, went to City Square Mall to get some stuffs and saw QiuQiu!!!Actually already know she's gonna be there from her blog post,hehe but I went too late,almost everything is sold out and only have some stuffs left:(

But am insanely happy got to see her in real life and seriously she's pretty and really nice<3 Even chat with me a little,exactly 3-4 sentences,lol.I think I'm starstruck even though she's not exactly famous famous but still darn awesome!Cannot get over the fact that I met her:')

Had really happy moments this week!^^ You guys have a great week ahead too!

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