Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Little Things- A Little Of This And That

School is just the same, but during POM tutorial was kinda fun with a game,so happy our group won like for the sake of participation marks,LOL. There's a bit of spoilsport but all's well~

Here's the platforms bought for school, it's pretty right?Hehes,but just wore it out yesterday and it gives me bruises...I'll have to re-adjust the straps.

Watch We Not Naughty with mum,the Dance Dance Dragon always seems to be in full house. Anyway, it's a nice movie too,rate it 4/5, main actors(especially Shawn and the little boy~) good-looking and cute,hahas^^

Sure hope I can cope for the next...3weeks,bombarded with class test,3 presentations once a week, 3 submissions to go!Already can't wait for vacation to come,get a part-time job, complete 1 CDS if get chosen, hang out with friends and prepare for Year 2...hmm,okay doesn't feel excited for that part.

Here's a song to share,my favourite for the week(:

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