Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Little Things- Fresh

Hihi! I'm gonna start this series of blog posts- "The Little Things" where I'll put up some random stuffs I've done/see weekly and just to share,interested do read on hehes. I may put up extra posts in between if there's more happenings, judging from my schedule, shall see how it goes~

Went to Nex to grab a few stuffs and staying true to my resolution for 2012, bought the solution from Etude House, crossing my fingers the remedy will work!^^

Today went to Hg Mall/J8,grab some more stuffs,lol in time for CNY preparations and some shopping. Realised I gotten quite interested in cosmetics, I guess its natural for girls to feel this way right?Heh, hopefully for 1st day of CNY my makeup will turn out alright!(:

Ordered my last pair of GEO Lens some time ago, finally got it! Hoping to wear for CNY too, this would be the LAST, seeing Singapore would be scrutinising this imported lens very closely still. Oh well~
Gonna try buying from optician as it would be definitely safe,when there's money to spare la.Lol. But the lens really pretty, so gotta get it and try,hahas.

Dad brought home tons of CNY goodies, like 40-50 bottles,this is just some of it, LOL. It's really Yummy, gonna share most with families cos it will be impossible to finish by my family, obviously. It's Little Nonya's Cookies, remember it and buy it next year!Hahas(:

Just painted my toe nails today with green to match my platforms,hehe looks very greenish right? Mum painted pink and I bought another platform for school, shall show y'all next time. Been contemplating on buying for months, thought I really don't wanna get it but still got it in the end-.-

Tomorrow's reunion dinner, hope everyone have a great time during this short holiday!Eat all the yummy goodies, play blackjack,mahjong, watch TV and late night movies lastly collect many AngBaos!:D

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