Sunday, January 08, 2012


School life is picking up now, most of the time is dedicated to school work.So far, everything is still okay, gonna get back most of the MST papers this week,praying I'll do well for them,please please please let me do well!:/

Gotten sick again, feeling ever so uncomfortable with all the coughing, waking up in the middle of the night unable to force myself to sleep, irritated throat and flu.Sigh, really hope I'll get well soon ,CNY is coming soon and projects deadlines are nearing.

On a happier note, finally get to buy new phone and really love the features!^^ Except the contacts part which is seriously not well done. Going to run a small errand everyday for 2 weeks to get some money.Yayness!^^

Actually I found this semester is going to pass by really fast,like 5weeks more is final exams already not counting this week.Or the semester is shorter? Anyway gotta warm up and get ready soon.

Shall end here, a long day tmr and need to practice for presentation!Keeping my fingers crossed!

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