Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

A Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!^^

This post is kinda...narcassistic.Heh. Anyway, reunion dinner was yummy, love steamboat with all the different food,especially abalone~

This year seems more quiet cos not all people should be there and many things happened last year so...hmm:/

Is it just me or as growing older,less angbaos to collect? Brings back memories when I was a kid,had so much fun with all my cousins both families but now it's like everyone got their iPad, phones, computers like just stick to it for the rest of the day.Funny how things change huh?

Nevertheless, still did some catching up with cousins and some gambling,heehee.won like only $6-8?My capital was $2.Not bad right?My cousin more pro though, with $2,won $40.

Here's my outfit for the first day!

Love the back detailing, and makeup seems ok(: Best of all is bought all stuffs less than $50, excluding makeup and accessories,hehes!

Here's a weird hobby of mine-collecting pretty red packets.Dunno why but always never fail to collect it.Now I got 1 whole stack hidden somewhere in my drawer:P
Nails' design for both days!~

2nd day, went visiting my nanny.Took care of me very well, missed those fun days too, always got neighbours came to play with me, playing with the miniature toys, drinking Yakult everyday, lol. Here's the 2nd day look:

Love the platforms!Everything also cost less than $50.Hehes, went to watch movie with family too! Rate it 4/5!Not bad,really,nice special effects!

School starts tmr for me!Extra day of rest!^^

Enjoy your day!

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