Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012 New Year Resolutions

Hihi!So 1minute ago marked the end of 2011, happy new year to everyone!All the best for everything you wanna achieve and always always be happy and stay healthy!Nothing is more important that that;)

Concluded the last day of 2011 by watching the countdown shows on both Ch5 and 8.LOL.Hopefully someday would the chance to countdown with friends too live at the places,heh.

2011 had been a new start of everything, from taking the Os results then entering a new school, learning brand new things, making new friends, doing activities I didn't do before and have the courage to try. Somehow I guess I changed becoming a wee bit more brave?Have to keep trying no matter the fear that keeps overshadowing me.

Sad things happened to, another dear life taken away with no warning, everyone was filled with so much sadness I can't really felt cos I'm not that close with the person but I empathised with them.

Tons of celebrations too,from families to friends birthdays and wedding. It was absolutely fun and wonderful^^

I can't really say if the year had been good or bad so I'll just leave it at that.

Kinda gotten carried away but here's my resolutions for year 2012:

1. Study smart; Accomplish GPA >3.8

2. At least Exercise Once/Week
No doubt had gain weight sitting all day in front of computer/food/TV/lessons. Also should try build up my heart's strength in time for NAPFA(sigh).

3. Get Jobs During Semester Vacation
It's a must to earn money for self use and repay parents.

4. Get Cleaner complexion
Those acne had been bothering me for a bloody long time, no confidence to face the world. Need find remedy to curb it. Lucky to those who are blessed with nice complexion. I swear if I get my face cleared. I would protect it from harm.

5. Treat Parents Better
Had been losing my temper to them easily every time, need to control and be more grateful to them for having me.

6. Room Makeover
Had been begging my dad profusely for years and it's not done yet till date,once I save enough I'm gonna do it myself.Hmph.

7. Participate in More School Activities
A chance to get to know more people and get myself to be more brave in trying new things.

8. Be Happy
No matter what happens, must try to bring my spirits up and keep reminding myself to live life cos you never know when your day is gonna be up and its not worth it to commit to any of the 7 deadly sins.

I sure hope I can achieve everything and gonna give my best.

Now, what about your resolutions?If you do have, comment below and share with me.It would be cool to look at others(:

P.S A BIG thank you to all who had been secretly reading my blog, following too though it's not interesting/juicy enough like all those popular bloggers have!Really thankful!:D

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